Vermouth speakers

10th anniversary reference – Vermöuth Audio from Bali add a new flagship monitor speaker to their roster. With a Raal ribbon tweeter and Accuton 6.5" C173 mid/woofer in a time-aligned gloss-lacquered cabinet with Hendry Ramli's own single-wire rhodium-plated tellurium copper binding posts, this Reference monitor goes most upscale to celebrate the brand's first decade in business. One version uses Jantzen Silver Z capacitors, Mundorf Supreme resistors, Jantzen 14-gauge wax coils and OCC copper hookup wiring; the costlier one scales up to even more exotic Duelund wax/paper copper-foil capacitors, Duelund tinned copper resistors, Duelund 12-gauge wax/paper copper-foil inductors and the firm's own Black Pearl hookup wiring. Specs are 44Hz – 50kHz bandwidth, 86dB sensitivity and 7.3Ω minimum impedance at 145Hz. The speakers ship in a wooden crate. There's also the new D'Appolito version called Studio Monitor previewed here.