Velodyne Micro

Shrink the bass – Velodyne's Microvee MkII sub [€1'100] combines digital drive control with a new DSP algorithm and the company's energy recovery system in the smallest possible enclosure. Power comes from 1'200-watt class D. The drivers are a 6.5" aluminium-cone long-throw woofer plus dual 6.5" passive radiators to hit -3dB at 38Hz. There's anti-clip overdrive protection and a direct function bypasses the internal filter to work with a home theater receiver's own. The adjustable low pass spans 50Hz -200Hz with from 12dB to 48dB slopes and inputs are on twin RCA or clip-style speaker level which also come as 120Hz outputs for looping. A 3.5mm thru-put allows daisy-chaining the input signal and an auto function goes into standby after 15 minutes of no signal. Finish options are black or white and the hermetically sealed aluminium enclosure measures just  22.9 x 22.9 x 24.4cm or 9 x 9 x 9.6".