adVANTAgeous? – Gryphon Audio Design announce a new cable range at the very top of that product chapter in their catalogue. Vanta cables include digital and analog interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. Conductors are always the very same long-grain silver/gold alloy to assure a continuous front-to-back loom experience. Connectors are from Oyaide and Neutrik, the dielectric is PTFE. Shielding is via silver-plated copper screens, the outer jacketing is a gloss-black polyurethane. The Vanta power cord [€3'800/1.5m] uses 2 x 12 gauge and 1 x 16-gauge legs with Oyaide C-079/C-279 connectors. The analog interconnects [€4'800/1m XLR] go to 13 or 16 gauge conductors, the digital specimens in 75Ω and 110Ω terminations [€2'900/1m] apply thinner 21 AWG equivalents whilst the speaker cable with chunky metal splitters [€11'800/2m/pr] applies 14-gauge legs in either spade or banana termination.