Trafomatic Glenn

Glenn – With either Armstrong or Gould as potential godfather, Trafomatic's 26kg/ea. parallel single-ended 300B monos can generate up to 26 watts depending on the chosen tube and plate dissipation setting (18W mesh plate, 22W WE, 28W EH, JJ, Sofia, 32W EML XLS). Adjustable NFB from 0 to -3dB in 1dB steps adds further tuning. Instead of capacitors, transformers handle interstage coupling. Dual C-core 10kg transformers sit on the outputs. An E182CC tube is the driver, a 5U4G handles rectification. The VU meter doubles as bias adjustment confirmation for the power tubes. Inputs are on RCA and XLR. There's also a ground terminal and a ground lift switch. WBT binding posts are on 4Ω and 8Ω. Input impedance is 47kΩ, input sensitivity a very low 3Vpp to optimize S/NR.