Totem V2

Totemic – The new V2 Metal [$15'500/pr] and Fire [$7'000/pr] speakers in Totem's Element Series are "the result of dramatic advancements to our 7" Torrent driver by applying many of the principles learned from the evolution of the 4" Torrent. The Element Metal V2 has substantially more mid bass, deeper bass extension, bass control, speed and precision. The driver facade is now a black anodized finish as is the skid plate at the bottom rear. Externally visible changes to the 7" woofer include a slightly larger dust cap with additional damping. Internally, the 7" Torrent driver magnet system has been increased from 16 to 17 individual magnets, resulting in slightly larger concavity of the magnet cradle, allowing for greater control of the voice coil. The driver is now a little shorter and more compact, with the result being a smoother midrange frequency and deeper bass response."