TotalDAC Amp1-sublime

Pending name change? – MrSpeakers became Dan Clark Audio. DigitalAudioReview is now Both did other work or soon more than their original name packed. One could argue that so does Vincent Brian of TotalDAC. His new Amp-1 sublime certainly isn't a DAC or anything digital but a new power amp with 240V rails, 33dB voltage gain, 400kHz bandwidth and 1Ω drive thanks to a 25kg/2'500VA transformer. The stereo version does 150wpc/8Ω and 500 into 2Ω. The mono version packs 600W into 8Ω, 1kW into 4Ω. Also new from the French hifi house is an uprated version of their d1-driver intended to sit between DAC and power amp.