Timekeeper 3i

Keeping better time – That's what Burson's new Timekeeper 3i [$2'499] is about. "Until recently our Max Current Power Supply was restricted to about 10wpc of output.  While that's great for headphone amps, it wasn't enough for loudspeakers. Now that's changed." First seen in the 45wpc Burson Funk, the new 3-in-1 scales up the SMPS recipe to 100wpc of class AB push/pull power with two gain settings; and 2wpc of class A for headphones with two gain settings. There's also a twin ESS9038 DAC with discrete output stage, an XMOS 32/768 PCM/DSD512 USB-C input, aptX-HD and Sony 96kHz LDAC, an analog input, coax and Toslink plus a subwoofer out and fixed/variable line outputs. As shown, the Timekeeper 3i can be set up sideways or upright and its display auto rotates accordingly. There's an FMJ remote and the discrete socketed opamps can be rolled.