Thunder Data

Thunderous data – Thunder Data from China's city of Zhuhai build the Silent Angel brand of network switches and now streamers. The three new streamers go by Munich M1 [€999], Munich M1T [€699] and Bremen B1 [€549]. The former two run Cortex A72 quad-core 1.5GHz processors, 32GB of flash ROM and passive cooling. RJ45 and USB inputs accept incoming data, the M1T output just digital via AES/EBU, I²S and coax, the M1 adds analog RCA and 6.3mm headfi. The B1 is purely wireless via WLAN and Bluetooth whilst outputs are digital and analog. Silent Angel's Forester F1 [€469] is an add-on high-end linear power supply with symmetrical toroids, Mosfet voltage regulation and effective EMI shielding.