Thomas Mayer Compactron

Compactron – It's a tube type from the final days of classic valve production. Most of them were made by General Electric for use in televisions so by the literal millions. Thomas Mayer, the man behind Germany's Elrog tubes, now has a new range of electronics built exclusively around this tube type to simplify and streamline his chassis with no exposed tubes or visible cans for transformers and capacitors. For the first time, Thomas Mayer electronics are available for dealer representation. Ready now in this new range are a linestage, phonostage with adjustable EQ curves, DAC with volume control and stereo amp. All Compactron models have tube rectifiers for their high voltage, built-in choke-filtered power supplies, no electrolytics in the signal path, stackable compact form factors, customizable features and selectable anodizing colours and side panels.