Telemann 2

LinnenberG news – "In 25+ years, I never betrayed my belief in any of the gear I built. However models change whenever I see opportunity to come up with something better, not just an upgrade or Mk2 version. Too often improvements are too radical to make them fit into old constructions. That's part of my game, one may like it or not. Fortunately some do and each time I come up with something new, we generate sufficient interest for a small production batch. It was never my intention to build up a large company. Instead we have real handmade products with as much attention to detail as possible. Here I'm talking about Liszt already. Widor is much better in my opinion and even did sell better when looking at the sales revenues. But there are a few people wanting mono amplifiers with a moderate footprint like Liszt. What to do when Liszt is completely sold out? Build another batch? Not. Wrong company. My answer is to launch an improved mono version based on Widor. This will be the G.F. Händel scheduled for the end of the year. The accompanying preamp/dac G.P. Telemann replacing the original Telemann is already in the starting blocks."