TanK – Encore Seven, a Polish manufacturer of valve amplifiers known under the brand Egg-Shell, present their new flagship integrated amplifier [€4'950] which "starts a new line of products called TanQ." This first model is a class A parallel single-ended KT88 20wpc machine supplied with either Genalex Gold or KR Audio tubes. "The new TanQ sits in a stainless steel and aluminium housing. It has a floating chassis for the power transformers which allows separation from the electronic elements and valves. The power tubes display openly in a V-angle layout while the preamp valves sit behind a front glass cover. Each TanQ unit comes with a gyroscopic sphere remote. Three tall feet made of polished steel with rubber tips give the amplifier stability and eliminate vibrations. They also improve ventilation which is further supported with a quiet yet efficient fan. The number of the active output is illuminated with a Nixie tube. The new TanQ amplifier comes with a three-year warranty."