Swix, swax, swox, the fox has the pox – I haven't a clue how to pronounce brand SW1XAD from Essex. Their equally mouthy MTR963 is a new nearfield monitor of the single-driver whizzer-coned and crossover-less sort. Like Cube Audio, there are multiple whizzers. Unlike Cube, the driver geometry isn't round but oval. The standard motor is AlNiCo. A forthcoming option is a field coil. The cabinet is 35mm thick Birch Ply. The bass ports too use this material. Sensitivity is 94-96dB depending on motor, claimed response 35Hz – 20kHz. Dimensions are 70 x 50 x 30cm HxWxD, weight is a considerable 45kg/ea. This speaker's obvious targets are listeners with medium to smaller rooms who groove to flea-powered SET amps.