SOtM dCBL-CAT8M – Behind this alphabet soup sits the South Korean company's top Ethernet cable which has "been tested and verified in a dedicated system using three sets of sNH-10G network switches, a PC with our sMB-Q370 motherboard, sNI-1G, tX-USBhubIN and sCLK-EX plus two sets of tX-USBultra all synced by our sCLK-OCX10 master clock. The dCBL-CAT8M cable [$1'200/1.5m] articulates these sound improvement clearly. It supports signal bandwidth of 2'000MHz and its structure actually supports Cat8.2 so it and the shield are most optimized for Ethernet signal transmission among existing network cables. The connectors support Cat8.1. M stands for Master represented by filter blocks at each end of the cable." The limited edition red Christmas Edition shown currently sells for $1'000.