Siltech Classic Legend

Silver Technology – That's Siltech for short with their new 3-tier Classic Legend cable series. Across its 380, 680 and 880 tiers, there's the shared G9 conductor as the company's latest silver-gold alloy which has been shock-treated with high voltage. There's triple-layer dielectric of Teflon and Peek; dual-core coaxial then twisted geometries; and substantial shielding. What changes with tiers is conductor mass. That doubles from 380 to 680 then scales again x 1.5 together with more substantial insulation and shielding. Each tier includes analog RCA or XLR cables, spade or banana speaker cables plus power cords. To be mixed across the three ranges are a 75Ω digital coax with RCA/BNC, a 110Ω AES/EBU digital cable, a 90Ω USB cable, a 100Ω LAN cable and a Zero Ohm cable to ground cartridges or other gear. According to Siltech, the Classic Legend models are their finest value cables ever.