Sendy Peacock

Strut your stuff – Sendy's Peacock [€1'499] is a Chinese flagship planarmagnetic which sets up shop above their model Aiva. Called Quad-Former Tech, its new drive system was developed over two years. It uses double magnets plus dual circuit traces on each of the membrane's two sides. The upper bandwidth limit is a claimed 40kHz with high impulse fidelity and output. The CNC-machined ear cups are trained for rigidity, the ear cushions are easily replaced and delivery includes a 2m salt'n'pepper braided cable plus adapters to convert the 4.4mm balanced termination to XLR4 or 6.3mm. A leatherette pouch is included as well. The name Peacock reflects the gold-plated grills' perf pattern styled to suggest the bird's feathered-out tail.