Schiit Urd

Urd – It's Schiit's new CD transport [$1'299] which joins Shanling's $729 ET3 in bundling not just the expected coax and AES/EBU outputs but USB. Schiit does it on USB-C and even includes two USB-C inputs so streamers and computers can all switch through Urd which now acts as a USB hub. Remote control is included and Schiit's usual black and silver option applies. The transport mechanism is a full-metal StreamUnlimited so dedicated Redbook not plastic computer DVD drive. The dual-transformer power supply is linear not switching so 120/240V needs to be selected at order time. Urd is a clever way to mix up legacy physical and current cloud media in a single box of modest dimensions and attainable price. And it's made in the US not offshore; for those to whom this matters.