Rescan your sonics –  A year ago, Danish audio brand Gamut joined Raidho and Scansonic as part of the Dantax group. Now the high-performance product ranges of all three brands are benefiting from the resulting influx of collaborative design and engineering expertise. Scansonic's MB series was originally created by Michael Børresen, the initial designer of the Raidho range. In 2018 Gamut's Benno Baun Meldgaard was appointed chief designer with a brief to work collaboratively across all three companies. In the twelve months since, Meldgaard brought his vision and expertise into a number of key product ranges. One such range is Scansonic's MB range now renamed MB-B ('MB' is for Michael Børresen, 'B' is for Benno). The new MB-B editions have been upgraded and optimized in almost all areas.

The top end still features Raidho's ultra-light ribbon tweeter in which the membrane is formed by a Kapton-aluminum sandwich just 20 microns thick. The midrange drivers and woofer are now fitted with a new low-loss spider which greatly improves the dynamic capabilities as well as expands the bass response. A nice side effect is that break-in has been reduced greatly. The crossovers have been completely redesigned, resulting in a much more even and natural sound. All drive units are time-aligned at the listening distance. New ported cabinets are tuned for optimal impulse response, giving a more coherent, dynamic and detailed low end while making in-room placement more versatile. The cabinets' internal construction has been changed to optimize airflow which, combined with minimal use of damping material, further enhances coherence, dynamics and detail of the low frequencies. The Scansonic MB-B models are available in either a black or white finish.