Satsuma and Honeydew

Pop tarts? – Strike tarts, replace with IEM. As ALO Audio put it, "in Honeydew [$249], the unmatched cohesiveness of a single full-range dynamic driver meets the compact comfort in our all-new ABS earphone body. Honeydew's custom-built 10mm LCP diaphragm's performance is characterized by reference bass that is fast and detailed. Music creators and listeners who crave punchy detailed bass will find that Honeydew delivers and does so on an expansive soundstage that is clear and detailed."

For Satsuma [$199], the Portland/Oregon builders promise "sound that is natural and balanced. The clarity and spatial accuracy of Satsuma's presentation transitions effortlessly from studio monitor to everyday listening companion. The bass is plucky and tight thanks to the ported balanced armature. The 3D-printed acoustic chamber elevates top-end extension for exceptional detail and air. The compact comfort of our all-new ABS earphone body makes Satsuma a joy to use daily on stage or on the go."

So the biggest money saver on these poppy models is their ABS plastic body which replaces the company's dearer aluminium and ceramic housings for cheaper fun in the sun. Incidentally, the horns of Avantgarde speakers are made of ABS, too.