Rouault Acoustics

Rouault – From France come the speaker designs by Alain Pratali and Antoine Rouault. Simon Lee of Korea is involved in a voicing role and recommends these designs to his clients exclusively to feature them on his own website. The M1 and M3 models shown combine 8" and 6.5" Accuton mid/woofers respectively with Alain's own ultra-light floating dome tweeter loaded in a precision-machined ellipsoidal Delrin horn. Compound 6dB+12dB filters with Rike Audio components, Birch ply construction, WBT binding posts, user-adjustable tweeter tuning with magnets not shelving resistors and lacquered real-wood veneers round out the feature set. The M3 monitor is rear-ported, the M1 tower combines a quarter-wave line with a port tuned to 33Hz. All EU sales ship from Antoine's workshop outside Britanny's Rennes whilst Asian clients work with Simon Audio.