REL news

T-Rex – Or in this case, the new T/x series from REL "which is faster, offering more transparent sound and higher output levels for even greater impact. All models include our signature high-level input and add a .1 LFE input." The T/9x [$2'399] is a 300-watt 37x34x39cm box with front-firing 10" woofer and downfiring 10" passive radiator for a claimed -6dB/27Hz reach. The T/7x [$1'999] scales down to 200 watts and an 8" active woofer with the same 10" passive. The box shrinks slightly to 35x32x36cm and the -6dB point raises to 31Hz. The smallest T/5x [$1'399] marries 125 watts to an 8" front-firing woofer in a 30x30x31cm box with its -6dB point at 32Hz. All models can bolt on wireless connectivity with the optional Arrow system.