Tada -The TD4.2 [€100'000/pr in gloss black, €125'000/pr for Walnut burl and custom colours] is Raidho's new trickle-down of their TD4.8 flagship where tada is for tantalum/diamond drivers mated to the company's signature ribbon tweeter. "By adding a tantalum coating to the already excellent diamond, we have achieved an even stiffer 5-layer cone with yet higher levels of inner damping. In combination with the upgraded magnet system with new SD cap, stronger magnets and better voice coil, the TD4.2 will give you the qualities of the TD4.8 in a size a little more room friendly. The tweeter is upgraded with a more powerful magnet system, making it more sensitive. The internals of the cabinet are improved too, resulting in lower bass, a more natural sound and a huge soundstage."