raidho TD1.2

Tada 1.2 – Raidhos's new TD1.2 monitor [€20'500/pr] declares that "after months of hard work, we are happy to present our new  in-house developed mid/woofer with a new unique design of both the magnet system and rest of the unit. The chassis is designed to have minimum influence on the airflow and seeks to eliminate reflections inside the enclosure. This results in record-low distortion. The TD1.2 uses our new 5-layer tantalum/diamond cone with increased inner damping in combination with our new proprietary edge-wound titanium voice coil with drastically improved magnetic field and increased power handling. Combined with the unique driver design, this is the strongest under-hung motor on the market (1.1 Tesla/patent pending).

"The TD1.2 also incorporates our redesigned ribbon tweeter already used in our TD4.8 and TD4.2, utilizing a more powerful magnet system and optimized acoustic shape of the rear chamber for much higher resolution and a distortion level reduced by 35dB compared to the already extremely low levels in our old ribbon tweeter. The crossover was completely redesigned with maximum focus on correct phase response at all frequencies while maintaining optimal impulse response. The new driver and optimized crossover also leaves room for smaller amplifiers since the sensitivity is heavily improved. The TD1.2 is now an easy load for most amplifiers."