PS Audio Aspen 10

Postscript – It's PS here for Audio and their new StellarGold preamplifier and DAC models plus the Aspen FR10 speaker. At $3'999 each, the electronics add a real-gold speed stripe to their silver or black faceplates. The class A preamp is fully balanced front to back and combines JFet and BJT transistors across two gain stages with minimal global feedback. The PCM 768 and DSD 256 DAC offers two I²S inputs plus all the usual suspects. The 3-way speaker [$9'999/pr] mates a 2.5" tweeter with an 8" midrange both of planarmagnetic push/pull design so with magnets on either side of the Teonex thin-film membrane then paralleled 6.5" non-woven carbon-fibre woofers augmented by three oval rear-firing flat carbon-fibre passive radiators for a claimed -6dB/25Hz in-room response. Finished in matte black or white with a magnetically detachable grill, the anodized aluminium plinths sport spikes or soft rubber footers, the terminals are bi-wirable, dimensions are 41.5 x 11.75 x 16.25" HxWxD and weight is 34.1kg.