Pro-Ject album

Pro-Ject gets labeled – For nearly 30 years, Pro-Ject have offered upscale hifi gear. Now there's their first audiophile record under the new Pro-Ject Records label. "The first of its kind, the record shows different recording styles blended in collaboration with Austrian musician/audiophile 7RAY featuring Triple Ace – Jazzy Zoetrope. The vinyl is an audiophile 180g double LP and di­rect master tape copy. This album is easy listening with a great atmosphere to become an instant Jazz classic. As a special-concept live studio album recorded at Pro-Ject’s HQ in Austria, it presents a direct comparison of different recording styles. The producer used real analog tape and top recording equipment with reduced and thoughtful miking techniques to capture the essence of Pro-Ject’s mission and commitment to quality sound without compression or extensive editing."