PH x 1000 – It's no new formula to measure the PH value of your drinking water. It's Gold Note's newest phono amp, the PH-1000 [€9'600]. It has a class A ¼" headphone output, more than 40 preset EQ curves, an extra 4 custom-configurable curves and an optional class A line preamp version [€13'500]. There are 7 gain, 12 load and 6 capacitance settings for exploded adaptability all managed by sealed switches not dip switches and from the front panel's master control/display. There are 2:1 RCA:XLR inputs and one more RCA/XLR pair for external load plugs or as line inputs if the preamp option is fitted; plus RCA:XLR outputs There's a stereo/mono control, phase inversion, l/r channel swap and a 10Hz 36dB/oct. rumble filter. The power supply is external and Gold Note's usual black, silver and champagne finish options apply.