Peachtree Audio Carina

Peach with power – It's Carina [$1'999 intro pricing], Peachtree Audio's new flagship integrated with 300/580wpc into 8/4Ω compliments of nCore. That shakes hands with dual ESS 9068 chips for full data compliance including MQA; and a 4.4/6.3mm headfi amp that does ¾th of a watt balanced into 30Ω. Digital supports twin coax, optical, I²S over HDMI and USB. There's also a 5V USB charging port, an RCA-based pre-out and a Bluetooth antenna for Internet radio. Radiation allergics will be pleased to know that Bluetooth is only active when its input is selected. Finish options are the company's classic gloss black or Walnut. New is the sizable Oled display. The firm believe that only their GaNFet separates out-edge their latest one-box wonder which is said to trump all of their prior integrateds, period. Power peach then.