Parker Duo

Don't just park it; Parker it – That could be Mårten Design's slogan for their new three-deep Parker range epitomized by the Parker Duo model [€9'000/pr]. It combines a 1" ceramic tweeter with a 7.5" ceramic mid/woofer and rear-firing 9" aluminium passive radiator. The Parker Trio adds one mid/woofer and one passive, the Parker Quintet [€38'000/pr] another two of each. All can be upgraded to diamond tweeters and copper-foil capacitors. All are built from 35mm M-board, a proprietary constrained-layer composite. The Duo is rated for 36-40Hz/kHz bandwidth at -2dB, 88dB sensitivity and 6-ohm nominal impedance. Finish options in this range are gloss/matte walnut and piano gloss black. Isopuck decouplers and stands are optional.