parasound newclassic 200

P for Parasound & Pascal –  With their NewClassic 200 integrated amplifier [$1'195], the San Francisco firm combine a DAC/pre with a 110wpc Danish class D power module from Pascal. "The NewClassic inherited from our premium Halo product family their home theater bypass and crossover functions with adjustable 40-140Hz high-pass for the L/R outputs plus full-range and sub 80Hz sub outputs. Burr-Brown DACs were chosen for their musicality and reputation. Additional convenience and custom installation features include presets for both turn-on volume and favorite volume, a bi-directional RS232 serial port with Control4 drivers, rear panel IR repeater input and 12V trigger output. Input level offset ensures that sources with varying output voltages play at the same level. The dimmable LCD display plus a built-in library of 28 words makes it simple to name each input for the source device connected to it. The back-lit remote includes adjustments for balance, bass and treble, subwoofer on/off and even subwoofer level. The bypass input enables a direct connection to the amplifier stage to facilitate integration with surround-sound systems or for connecting a streaming device with its own volume control like a Sonos Connect."