Parasound Halo JC1+

JC +1 – This is the other JC aka John Curl who revisits his Halo JC1 mono amplifier design for Parasound with a new iteration. At 450 watt into 8Ω, 850 into 4 and 1'300 into 2 plus 180 amperes of peak current, the JC1+ [$17K/pr]  is a beast which works its first 25 watts in class A. Over the predecessor, it increases by 30% in weight, ups capacitance from 132'000μF to 198'000μF and increases output devices from 18 Sanken transistors to 24. "The JC 1+ is the first commercially built product to employ active high-frequency noise filtering with Bybee Music Rails. Curl’s newly designed driver stage employs a cascode circuit with greater open-loop bandwidth and increased linearity. In another first for the JC1+, the input and driver stages reside on FR-408 printed circuit board material. Until now FR408 was only used in super-computer and aerospace applications."