The petite one – That'll be Sven Boenicke's just dropped P1 power amp, his first piece of electronics. It's vital statistics are: a mechanically tuned 300wpc/8Ω Powersoft module; Chord Company Shawline AC power cord 10% silver-soldered directly so no screw or plug contacts; 3 x LessLoss next-gen Firewall AC input filters; custom-made AC soft-start module on FR2 circuit board; Bybee small Gold Slipstream Quantum Purifier filters in the audio input; 3 x proprietary resonators (16cm parallel spiral resonator, 16cm series spiral resonator, new 2cm series resonator); ETI Research RCA input sockets; LessLoss internal cotton-covered wiring; Black Ravioli Small Pads feet; high-end orientation optimized Refine Audio fuse installed with unique contact-enhancing agent; solid walnut backplate since aluminium won't sound the same. Weight ~5kg. 6.9cm high x 23cm W x 20cm deep. Silver anodized or black powder coat. 2'630 Swiss take it away.