Odin 2+

Odin goes + 2 – A one-eyed god in a threesome? In Valhalla perhaps but on earth, it's Nordost's new Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + to demand a suitably celestial $13K for the participation of 125cm. "The tonearm cable is the most critical sensitive cable in any vinyl setup, especially revealing reference systems." Their new flagship phono cable consists of "4 x silver-plated solid core OFC conductors in dual mono-filament suspension to reduce insulation contact by 85%. The conductors are individually shielded for 100% coverage and protection from RF/EMI and cross talk. There's a fully isolated bond ground throughout. When needed, this connects the turntable and phonostage chassis. A second method uses two detachable silver-plated ground whips. When needed, those connect to the shielding of the tonearm cable." In this way, the '+' promises to eliminate all noise contamination of the fragile phono signal. Odin's bachelor pad is open for groovy business. "Come at 20:15 and bring your sister."