Nordost vinyl frenzy

Nordost phono phrenzy – Following the company's Valhalla 2 tonearm cable introduced at High End Munich 2019, there are the Blue Heaven [$599/1.25m], Heimdall 2 [$799], Frey 2 [$1'399] and Tyr 2 [$2'749/1.25m] to flesh out their dedicated phono cable models. "Each new tonearm cable + uses four silver-plated solid core OFC conductors arranged as twisted pair to create a left and right channel, then wrapped in micro or dual mono filament then a braided silver shield. A separately shielded silver-plated bond ground wire wrapped in micro mono filament minimizes noise. To further reduce noise, two detachable ground wires can connect to the shield of the cable, serving as additional ground loop prevention when needed."