Nola novelties

Novel Nola – Carl Marchisotto's Nola brand adds the Champ S3 [$9'500/pr] and Metro Grand Reference Gold Series 3 [$60'000/pr] to their portfolio. "The 42×9.5×12" HxWxD Champ S3 3.5-way design can be considered a modern-day Alon I. 1" silk-dome tweeter and dual 3" midranges house in our open-baffle configuration. Twin 6.5" low-mass woofers operate in separate tuned chambers. The crossover includes Mundorf oil capacitors and Nordost monofilament silver wiring in critical junctions." The other model "has been upgraded with new crossover tech, new midrange and bass drivers and proprietary refinements. The true ribbon tweeter improved with new components built in-house. The twin magnesium cone super alnico woofers are re-engineered for extremely low electrical and magnetic distortion. Nordost internal silver wiring is used throughout."