Twice noble –  That's the Dutch Noble & Noble Nobilis Sonum 98 [€19'888/pr], an nCore active two-way with isobaric mid/woofers and wave-guide tweeter in a rear-ported enclosure finished in matte black. Each cabinet measures 98x18x20cm and weighs 22.8kg. The nCore plate amp has provisions for 4 digital inputs (coax, Toslink, USB, AES/EBU) and two analog (XLR, RCA). A provided plastic remote controls volume and source selection. The SB Acoustics Satori tweeter loaded into a triangular rear chamber decouples from the main enclosure by mounting on an isolation ring set into a separate baffle which fronts the actual enclosure behind it. The magnets of the two Satori back-to-back mid/woofers are joined by filled pipe and the cabinet behind the inside driver is open for bipole radiation. The company promise a fully vibration-free silent enclosure as a result of their mechanical solutions which premium drivers build upon as high resolution whilst active drive and compensation reduce dynamic compression and add bandwidth. For more look out for the forthcoming review.