Nagra TT

70 years later – That's Nagra's Reference Anniversary turntable [$175K], the firm's first which was under R&D for the last four years. It uses a dual-motor 11.2kg engine whose belt-transferred power is controlled by an accelerometer comparator against a quartz reference to insure speed stability for the 6.5kg areospace-alloy floating platter. Nagra's trademark modulometer affords easy calibration and pitch control. There's an aluminium sub platter with phenolic interlayer, a spheroidal graphite-iron shaft-bearing housing, induction-hardened steel shaft with sintered bronze bushing and an oil-lubed stacked carbide ball bearing. A 22mm transparent methacrylate surface finishes the platter with skeleton-watch insight into the motor drive unit. The record weight is pure copper. The suspension borrows from the HD Preamp and HD DAC X, the external power supply and drive unit run off super caps for virtual battery power. The bespoke 10.5" tonearm uses twin-concentric carbon-fiber tubes with intermediary wood layer. There's magnetic anti skating and silver monocrystal tonearm wiring sourced from Crystal Cable. VTA adjustments are on the fly via rotary collar. Azimuth is adjusted via an eccentric portion of the tonearm with accompanying dial. Overall dimensions are 661 x 451mm and weight is 80kg.