Nagra cartridge

Put a Nagra cart in your cart – For the first time ever, now you can with the Reference MC in 4/6Ω variants designed in parallel with Nagra's 70th Anniversary Reference turntable/tonearm system. "While traditional moving-coil transducers utilize a single-layer coil, the Reference MC employs a multi-layer transducer featuring a double-layer coil with hyper-pure silver wiring. The 6Ω Reference outputs 0.45mV @ 5cm/S, the 4Ω Reference 0.30mV @ 5cm/S. A stiff ruby cantilever mates to a high-strength titanium structure featuring a diamond-like carbon coating. The stylus tip is a Swiss-made Fritz Gyger S profile. The connector pins are continuous single pieces to lower inductance. The cartridge body includes a non-ferrous alloy called Exium® AM. Born from aerospace materials research, it is the result of a collaboration between the French equivalent of NASA, the Ecole de Mines de Paris and the French firm LBI Foundries. It was developed to address the need for an alloy with very high damping properties for a particular Mars mission whose purpose was to measure minute seismic activities on the red planet. The Reference cartridge utilizes an Exium inlay at the critical interface between cartridge generator and cartridge body. A proprietary super-magnesium alloy makes up the balance of the cartridge body."