NAD + Purifi

First Purifi licensee – No sooner had we reported on Bruno Putzeys' new Eigentakt amplifier topology that news of first adoption make the rounds. "NAD Electronics announce that it will be the first international brand to incorporate and launch Purifi's new patent-pending class D technology into its product family. The amplifier circuit known as Eigentakt (meaning 'self-clocking') is the result of years of research into the self-oscillation behaviours in class D amplifiers with algorithms that, when applied in control loops, improve existing designs by an order of magnitude or more. The agreement will see the two companies cooperate to adapt the Eigentakt circuit to NAD's signature design requirements, with the intent to create a new amplifier platform for future, yet-to-be-announced products from NAD."

"The Eigentakt technology is unique", explains Bruno Putzeys, co-founder at Purifi Audio. "Amplifiers with this technology will be exceedingly indifferent to speaker load, volume level and signal content, resulting in negligible THD and IMD levels and will feature exceptionally clean clipping."