Mytek 2021

Oh my tech – Shifting production to a new larger factory, Mytek announce a major refresh of their catalogue to discontinue most existing models. "A selection of nine new products will release this year beginning with the flagship $20K Empire Streamer. In addition, Mytek’s new EU branch Mytek Europe Corporation in Warsaw became the European distributor for Mytek products effective November 1, 2020. HEM Electronics no longer represent or build Mytek whose new factory will manufacture all new models except for the Empire Streamer which is currently assembled at Mytek's Brooklyn facility. Mytek's vision for new models by series is as follows:

Liberty Series is a selection of very compact, high performance single-function products:  February 28th, Liberty THX AAA™ headphone amplifier, $/€1'495 / March 15th  Liberty DAC II PCM/DSD/MQA/HPA  $/€995 / April 15th, Liberty Phono with built-in SU transformer, $/€1'495.
Brooklyn Series models are compact, very high performance feature-packed products: shipping now, Brooklyn Power Amp+, dual-mono, 250wpc fast class D, $/€2'495 / April 30th Brooklyn Bridge II with Roon Core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono, $/€3'495
Manhattan Series models are full size, ultra high performance products for demanding audiophiles: summer 2021, Manhattan dual-mono power amp, GanFET module, 200wpc, $/€ 6'995 / summer 2021, Manhattan Bridge w/Roon Core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono, $/€6'995
Empire Series represents extreme uncompromising cost-no-object flagship products: February, Empire Streamer Bridge w/Roon Core, DAC, preamp, HPA & phono, $/€19'995 / summer, Empire mono power amplifier, GanFET module, 1kW,  $/€9'995/ea.

Shown is the new Libery THX AAA headfi model with THX's Achromatic Audio Amplifier feed-forward tech. "It can output max 1A and peak-to-peak voltages up to 25V to drive any headphone available. Extensive circuit protection in the THX-888 module ensures that output relays disable until all power supplies reach full voltage and proper stability; and during fault conditions like overloads and short circuits." Basic specs include a 60W power toroid, max power of 6wpc, output impedance below 0.1Ω and S/NR of 140dB. For connectivity there are 2 x RCA and 1 x XLR inputs and for outputs, XLR4, 4.4mm balanced, ¼" TRS and 3.5mm stereo. There's also an RCA pre-out. Attenuation is by Alps pot, gain is adjustable in four steps and there's user-selectable cross feed and mono. The device is sized 1/3rd rack and weighs 2kg.