Musician Audio

Musical constellationsLeo. Pisces. Phoenix. It's three DDC from Musician Audio with identical i/o but different performance specs. In ascending order, pricing is €699, €1'500 and €2'149. Shared by all is a USB transceiver based on an STM32F446 chip for up to 24/768PCM and DSD512. The FPGA is an Altera Cyclone and opto isolators remove ground contamination between inputs and outputs. 45.1548MHz and 49.152Mhz clock inputs allow the devices to be slaved to DACs with corresponding clock outputs like some by Denafrips for example. In the menu, the I²S pin configuration on HDMI and RJ45 is adjustable for eight different settings by using various combinations of the sample-rate indicator lights for confirmation. All models support dual AES/EBU mode.