Mi, ma, Mimas – That's the new 150wpc Aesthetic Mimas integrated [£8'725, add £1'500/ea. for phono and DAC boards] with a 6922 valve input stage and solid-state outputs. "Borrowing from our Calypso preamplifier, it features Roederstein plate-load resistors from Germany, Reliable Capacitor coupling caps from California and a discrete solid-state current source. Valves are burned in for more than 100 hours before undergoing full FFT distortion analysis for gain matching to within 0.1dB, microphonics and noise levels. The Mimas also features the same 88 x 1dB stepped volume control as the Calypso, using individual switched 1% metal film resistors. The output section is a fully discrete, fully differential, zero-feedback, DC-coupled, balanced bridge design operating in Class AB."