Meze Empyrean 2

A new emperor? – It's Meze's new Empyrean II [€2'999], the next-gen flagship planar from Romania. The design brief asked for more detail and neutrality whilst remaining an easy listen. "The all-new Duo earpads have leather form the base half, Alcanta cover the rest. For classic audiophiles, the angled earpads excel at intricate detail and nuance. The angled shape creates more interior space which means an airier sound with cleaner bass and improved midrange presence. Empyrean II retains all the elements of its predecessor with an added touch of sculptural elegance. Crafted with precision CNC milling, the frame features a sleek matte black finish with silver accents and a redesigned art deco grill. So the primary points of distinction between Empyrean I and II are the newly styled grille and updated finishing; the new earpads; enhancements in driver tech; and new acoustic damping at the driver's back which includes a new complementary acoustic mesh on the front. Technical improvements in driver design and construction focused specifically on enhanced durability under extreme conditions. The key driver change is our new membrane treatment. Tech specs are 8Hz-110kHz, 32Ω, 105dB/1kHz/1V, sub 0.1% THD at 1kHz/1V and 385g weight without earpads."