Merrill Trident

Master your trident – Merrill Audio introduce the Master Trident tape-head preamp [$19'000] with three inputs for multiple decks. "Additional features include three settings per input, VU meters for calibration, HF level adjustments, output level control, channel balance and VU meter level adjustment. Merrill Audio can provide the plug-in card to access the tape head directly on the Ampex ATR 100 series machines, replacing their onboard preamp cards for an order increase in performance. Maximum gain is set to 71dB. There are six speed and equalization settings as 3.75ips/NAB, 7.5 IPS/NAB, 7.5 IPS/IEC, 15IPS/NAB, 15IPS/IEC and 30IPS/AES. Selections are made from the capacitive 5-inch color touch screen. A total of 9 configurations are saved to memory and restored on power up. The preamplifier will accept tape outputs from 0.3mV to 6mV and has a maximum peak-to- peak output range of 24 volts."