Melco Roon

Melco over the roon – Melco’s 5-strong EX Series of digital music libraries now enjoys Roon compatibility. After introducing Melco's Intelligent Music Library (MIML) software, vTuner Internet radio and web control at the start of 2020, the addition of Roon Ready follows firmware roll-out 4.04. A further over-the-air update 4.10 is expected later in the year. EX Series Melco owners can update to 4.10 firmware from the front panel display. Legacy Melco owners can access the new firmware with an EX Series update. Melco’s Roon implementation introduces Roon streaming in addition to Melco’s SongKong and MinimServer installs. Melco now integrate customised Roon RAAT directly into their devices. The new firmware goes live Monday, September 14th.