Mega Kinki

Get Kinki 4 ways – That's mega kinki. Reports Kinki Studio's Ken Ng from Singapore: "We have released updates for our EX-M1, EX-M1+ and EX-B7 models. We don't call them new models but over the pre 2020 releases, they are essentially new. We've also introduced our first stereo power amp, the EX-M7. Specs include 72VDC 18A current supply with 2 x 400VA transformers, Exicon lateral Mosfets, 250wpc into 8Ω, bandwidth of 0-2.5MHz ±3dB and a slew rate of 200V/us." At 25kg, this is no class D lightweight either but class A/B with a 130dB A-weighted S/N ratio.