Not headless – Rather, Blaz Erzetich's new Medousa head amp [€2'975 intro price, €3'500 thereafter] shows four heads on its logo plus four Electro-Harmonix twin triodes for true balanced voltage gain followed by a solid-state current buffer. There's a stainless steel chassis with pre-aged wooden cheeks. Bandwidth is 3Hz to 145kHz -1dB and nearly load-invariable power output is 335mW/8Ω and 326mW/600Ω. Power consumption is 17 watts, dimensions are 30x11x33cm WxHxD, weight is 4.8kg. The front features XLR4 and 6.3mm headphone ports, the rear one/ea. RCA/XLR inputs. The internal power supply is a linear variant and because these tubes don't couple to the outputs, there are no bandwidth-limiting phase-shifting output transformers. Medousa is a hybrid.