Meadowlark sings

McSpeakers for 2021 – Pat McGinty of Meadowlark Audio announces their new lineup of active DSP speakers "aimed at taking on the dual challenges of HD audio: resolution and dynamic range. Heading up the line is Nightingale, our authoritative five-driver four-way that made her debut in 1996. Twenty five years hence, a substantially more powerful and refined expression of our all-out system makes a triumphant return. Nightingale sports an all Satori driver complement from the waist up including their fabulous beryllium dome tweeter; and below the waist, twin long-stroke pumps. No bandwidth shortfalls. Powered by nCore with one amp per driver, at 4 x 500W + 1 x 100W, there's headroom to spare for the most vigorous play. The system will auto-detect signal on S/PDIF, AES/EBU, optical, balanced and unbalanced analog and features a user-friendly UI for ta 20-band PEQ per side. Custom as you wish. Available with Dirac and streamer."