Marantz 30

30 is the new 17 – That's if you're the Marantz 30 integrated and 30n SACD player/streamer in an all-new silver or black look [€3'000/ea.]. The 100/200wpc into 8/4Ω amp sports five x RCA inputs plus MM/MC phono (MC with 33/100/390Ω loading), a fixed pre-out and single-wire terminals. Preamp and class D power stages occupy their own PCB with discrete power supplies including a dedicated toroid for the preamp. For digital media, the 30n's Marantz-designed transport will read CD, SACD, DVD/ROM and work as pre/DAC, streamer and headphone amp with three gain levels. There's WLAN/LAN, USB, coax and 2 x Toslink plus a coax and optical digital output. Fixed and variable RCA outputs round out the socketry. Exclusive circuitry upsamples all PCM to 11.2MHz DSD and the actual converter stage is the firm's own "MMM" converter not a standard chip. There's also HEOS streaming which can talk to Alexa, Tidal and Amazon Music HD.