Madison Amp LE

Madison, baby – Following the announcement that CH Precision have acquired fellow Swiss team Wattson Audio, we now meet the new Madison Amp LE [€6'495], a 50/80wpc into 8/4Ω class A/B amp switchable to high-current mono mode which then dedicates the entire power supply to just one channel. Single pairs of output transistors make this the most minimalist of purist push/pull circuits. Inputs are on RCA and XLR. The tagline? "Why reinvent the wheel when it just needs to be made rounder." Very clever. The milled-from-solid casework contains a twin-transformer linear power supply with custom capacitors. Bandwidth is a high 2Hz – 500kHz -3dB and claimed S/NR better than 120dB. Dims are 21 x 29 x 8.5cm WxDxH, weight is 7kg.