Luxman L-595A

Luxo Lux – Luxman's new 595A Special Edition [€12'595] celebrates 95 years in business with a class A integrated limited to 600 units, half assigned to Japan's domestic market, the rest for the world. There's 60wpc into 8Ω—substantial for pure class A!—a volume control borrowed from the C-70f preamp so a microprocessor-controlled analog solution with 88 precision resistors which is matched by an equivalent balance control. There are two tone controls, a loudness switch and a subsonic rumble filter. There's also a 6.3mm headfi port. Connectivity on the back includes phono with ground post, 4 x RCA in, 2 x XLR in and a pre-out/main-in loop on RCA. Dual pairs of binding posts and a power IEC round out the connections. This then is a pure analog vintage machine without any digital.