The luph life? It's no misspeller if we mean Luphonic Lab's new H2 [€2'490] turntable and K2 [€890] tonearm designed and built in Germany. This belt drive with micro-processor controlled synchronous motor uses a mineral-loaded composite for platter and plinth where the latter's sandwich construction adds a central cell-kautschuk layer. A separate puck placed on a plinth sensor sets 33rpm with one side down, 45rpm when its other side faces down. A built-in display shows 33 or 45. No puck, no unauthorized rotations. Zero manual switches. The 9.5" carbon-tube arm with gimbal suspension ends in a polyamid headshell injected with microscopic glass spheres for extra rigidity at low weight. There's also the H1 turntable [€1'690] with a low-mass chassis of special PU hard foam.